Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photography

The summer London wedding of Emma and Graeme was simply a joyful celebration of two people in love. The venue for the day was Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. Out of many wedding venues around West London, the Pembroke Lodge must be one of my favourites. It is not too far if you live in the city and surrounded by beautiful Richmond Park, with its amazing greenery, majestic oaks and ferns, as well as a huge number of deer. I remember visiting there so many times years ago trying to get that perfect shot of a deer in a mist. My best effort can be still found online right here.
The venue itself, the Pembroke Lodge, is a unique Grade II listed Georgian Mansion which sits right in the highest point of Richmond Park. It boasts spectacular views over Thames Valley to the west with Heathrow airport and even Windsor on the horizon. And it’s not only a perfect place for a wedding, but also for an afternoon tea. Especially after all day of strolling through the largest Royal Park in London.

West London Wedding Photographer

It was really amazing to see the bride and groom together surrounded by their closest friends and family in such beautiful surroundings. Most of the celebrations for the day were planned outside. But, as it often is with the British summer, the skies opened half an hour into the ceremony. And it kept on raining pretty much non stop until the end of the wedding day. That, of course, did not dampen the mood in a slightest and happy atmosphere dominated all the way through the wedding. Also, I really like shooting in the rain, getting the hair a bit wet with some cool umbrellas as props! And last but not least Emma looked absolutely stunning in her dress from Cutting Edge Brides!

I would definitely recommend Pembroke Lodge if you are in search of a great wedding venue. And if also in search of a wedding photographer feel free to get in touch so we can have a chat about your day. Perhaps by an afternoon tea at the Pembroke Lodge itself!