Jonathan and Rhoda’s Froyle Park wedding! It was the one I was looking forward to photographing for a long time.

I met the couple some time ago to chat about the wedding and get to know each other. Therefore I knew it was going to be a great day in a good company. Jonathan and Rhoda are just such an amazing couple. Beautiful inside and outside, humble and warm. They made me feel so welcome at their Froyle Park wedding, I could hardly feel I’m at work!

Best Hampshire Wedding Venue

If I was to choose the best Hampshire wedding venue, Froyle Park would definitely be on top of the list. As I  photographed there before, I knew it is going to be a good one. Fortunately, the weather was mostly on our side and the ceremony took place in a gorgeous outside setting. The couple said they vowes surrounded by family and friends as well as rolling countryside hills with cute sheep strolling around. There were friends playing instruments and singing creating a beautiful ambience for everyone gathered.

The ceremony was conducted by a good friend of the couple and was indeed quite original (in a good way!) and very personal. The favourite moment must have been when everyone was asked if they know of any reason why the couple shouldn’t get married. At that moment the brother of the bride (who also gave her away) stood up and half pulled his military sword from the sheath with a loud distinct sound. I almost dropped my camera laughing, what a priceless moment!

The rest of the day was equally great with super high bouquet toss (impressive throw Rhoda!), mouth-watering African food and crazy synchronised dancefloor moves. And of course, the speeches, some 8 of them if I remember correctly. Few of them had some memorable dance entrance walks and tears and laughter lasted for a good hour!

Also, a big respect for the video guy Junior. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but he was able to record for hours supporting about 20lb of equipment just with his biceps. Can’t wait to see the whole footage mate!

Thank you, Jonathan and Rhoda. It has been a true pleasure to document your beautiful wedding! x