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Engagement Photographer London

Engagement Photography London

As a London engagement photographer I absolutely love documenting joy and connection on the streets of this beautiful city.

My approach to engagement photography whether that is in London or anywhere else is simple. Firstly, I want to make sure you will look great in your photos and communicate with you beforehand to make sure the end result will meet and exceed expectations.

I also want you to just enjoy yourselves and have fun. It's then when true and honest interaction takes place and the most beautiful and natural engagement photography is achieved. It's also great to have a chat before I pick up my camera to get to know you a bit a have a feel of your personalities. I think it's very important for the photos to reflect who you are and your story as a couple.

It's also great to choose a place that has a personal meaning for you, like a favourite part of London, one of the places you like to visit or go on a date.

When it comes to lighting conditions, most often the most flattering light for engagement portrait photography is right after sunrise or just before the sunset, when the sun is low and the tones are soft. Starting early in the morning has also a great advantage if you don't want to many photo-bombers in your images!

London Couple Shoot Photographer

What I love the most about doing engagement photography in London is that the city has so much to offer. It is pretty much an endless playground for an engagement photographer. No matter how many couple shoots in London you do as a wedding photographer, you can always find new places, angles and lighting conditions. London always changes, with new buildings and spaces popping up every year and constant flow of people.

Best locations for an engagement photography in London

London is such a beautiful, vast and unique city that almost no matter where you end up, there is always something amazing you can use in the engagement photography. The combination of new and old architecture, as well as wide and narrow streets with some of the grandest buildings in the world, makes for a great backdrop for anyone planning a couple shoot in London. Not to mention all the green spaces and gorgeous parks with something to offer in all weather and all seasons. Bare in mind that for many of the locations an official photography permit is now required. For example in Queen's Parks as well as by the Tower Bridge.

Some of my favourite locations for a couple photo shoot in London include:

King's Cross Station

london engagement photography kings cross

Excellent engagement photo shoot location with beautiful architecture of the King's Cross Station. Red brick walls give a nice, warm tone to the images and the huge, open space of the station is flooded with gorgeous light. It's always busy so great location to show off the hectic nature of London. It's also great for rainy days!

Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and The London Eye

They are all close to each other and for many couples an absolute must have landmarks. Just bare in mind that Big Ben is now covered in scaffold and will remain this way until at least 2021.

London South Bank and Thames Embankment

Awesome locations for couple shoot with the river just by your side. Thames always creates a stunning backdrop and the light is also great for photography as it's a vast open space. Perfect for some intimate photos while strolling by.

Millenium Bridge, ST Paul's Cathedral and the Tower Bridge

All iconic locations with so much grandeur and history about them. An absolute must for anyone looking for beautiful engagement photos in London.

London City, Borough Market and Brick Lane

london engagement photography brick lane

Those locations can create some stunning backdrops for a couple shoot in London. London City has one of a kind mixture of ultra modern, high rise architecture and beautiful old, grand buildings from many centuries ago.

Borough Market is great with its amazing location, full of people from all around the world reflecting a cosmoplitan character of London.

Brick Lane must be one of my favourite spots for engagement photos. It has more industrial feel and some of the most amzing murales and graffiti painting that regullary change so you never know what you will get!

Greenwich Park

london engagement photography greenwich park

Greenwich Park is just a perfect location for a couple shoot in London. It has simply everything. You can start by the famous ship Cutty Sark and then walk along the river. The grounds of the Greenwich University and Naval College have classic and gorgeous architecture. And once you get to the top of the park by the Greenwich Observatory it has one of the best views in London with the high rise buildings of Canary Warf in the background. It also changes beautifully with seasons and has a different charm to it depending on the time of the year.

Hampstead Heath

Hampsed Heath is another beautiful location for a couple shoot in London. It has stunning views and vast, green, open spaces. It also has a hidden gem inside of it which is the Pergola Garden. I absolutely love doing engagement photography there. With it's beautiful structures overgrown by vegatation it has one of a king atmosphere. It definitely reminds od the Secret Garden!

Hyde Park, Green Park and Regents Park

I photographed in all of them numerous times and always love coming back. Royal Parks have a great combination of landscape gardens as well as more wild, natural looking areas. And they change throughout the year with seasons! In most of them, however, a permit for photography may be required, so it's always great to find out to avoid dissapointment.

Another great location for engagement photos in London. Canals are very picturesque with the long boats parked along the paths as well as lots of greenery and some interesting tunnels.

Camden Town and London Canals

Camden Town is such a great part of London, and perfect for a couple shoot with is vesitile architecture. It is famous for its market, a warren of fashion and curiosities by the Regent’s Canal. A haven of counter culture, the area is popular with tourists, teenagers and punks.

Covent Garden

Such an amazing place right in the heart of London. With beautiful, historical architecture and a place to hide in case of rain you can't go wrong when choosing Covent Garden for your engagement photos.

Simply meeting up at home and then just wandering through the streets of London is also a great and simple idea for an engagement shoot!

Here are the answers to most common questions regarding engagement photography:

How many hours will the couple shoot last?

An average photo shoot takes around 2 hours. But, I've also done short ones as well as ones that took all day with many changes of outfits.

How much is an engagement photo shoot in London?

My standard charge for a couple shoot is £450 with up to 3 hours photography.

How many photos will we receive and how are they delivered

You will get minimum 50 full resolution edited images in a password protected online gallery with unlimited downloads.

How long do we have to wait for the photos?

On average it's around two weeks but the times may vary depending on how busy I am. I would never sacrifice quality over speed. In special situations a few days turnaround time is possible.

We are not big fans of our photos being taken and feel a bit camera shy. Can you help?

Of course! Most people are (including me) so it's completely normal. With my natural and fun approach, I will help you create an atmosphere where you relax and look your best. And if you feel a bit nervous before the shoot, we can always start with a drink in a local pub!

What to wear for an engagement shoot?

To keep it simple just wear something you feel comfortable in. In general I would avoid sharp patterns and bright colours. Warm and pastel colours always look good. But, if black is your thing, just go for it!

If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch!

If You wish to check one of the full sets of photos from engagement shoots around London you can check it here and another one from Brick Lane couple shoot right here.


great barn rolvenden kent wedding photography

The Great Barn Rolvenden Wedding

The Great Barn Rolvenden Wedding Photographer

I absolutely loved being a wedding photographer in the Great Barn in Rolvenden. This Kent wedding venue is just perfect for anyone looking to create beautiful wedding photography.

Located in the Kent countryside this gorgeous, listed 18th-century barn serves both Kent and East Sussex, catering for up to 160 guests. Although the wedding venue is very spacious inside and can fit a good number of people easily, it still keeps an intimate vibe. I think mostly because of the timber interiors that give the venue a warm atmosphere.

The Great Barn is rented as a blank canvas providing a perfect opportunity to create your own very personal, unique wedding day. The wedding venue is also licensed to hold Civil Ceremonies in the barn, so the wedding couple and their guests can seamlessly move from the wedding ceremony to the reception.

This was not the case on this occasion because the happy couple Freya and Paul decided to get married in a nearby church, where their wedding ceremony took place.

Kent Wedding Photography

 We started the wedding photography on the day in a charming hotel in Hawkhurst in Kent, the Queens Inn. That's where the Bride to be and her bridesmaids were getting ready. I was really happy about the location as it was just 25 minutes away from my place so there was not as much commuting on the day as usual.

 So a few photos of the girls getting ready amd the usual calm atmosphere at the start quickly turned into a hectic madness by the end!

Fortunately, the future bride was very efficient and in no time she zoomed off to the local church in a lovely vintage wedding car.

The ceremony took place in St Lawrence Church in Hawkhurst, where Paul, the groom, was already waiting with all the cheerful wedding guests. The wedding ceremony was beautiful, moving and not overly long just as it should be.

After that everyone moved to the wedding reception to the Great Barn in Rolvenden.

What I really enjoyed about this wedding venue is that as well as the barn it has lovely grounds surrounding it which were great as a backdrop to the wedding photography on the day. The drinks reception took place in a large tent raised especially for the occasion.

Summer Wedding in Kent

We took the official group photos as well as part of the couple photos in the orchard belonging to the barn. After that we went with the newlyweds for a little walk in the nearby woods, field and by the lovely pond at the back of the barn.

Freya and Paul were such a great couple on the day. We had a great time and lots of laughs jumping through fences and pushing through stinging nettles to get to the photo locations. And we got some beautiful wedding photos as a result!

The rest of the wedding day just flowed in a happy vibe filled with lots of joy and laughter. The food was delicious and the wedding speeches very funny and moving. I can't remember the last time I've seen so many tears-a true feast for a wedding photographer!

I finished my wedding photography after we got lots of nice photos of the newlyweds and their wedding guest pulling some awesome moves on the dancefloor.

Thank you so much Freya and Paul for trusting in me to document your beautiful wedding for you. I loved every minute of it!

Other professionals who helped to make this day special:

Makeup Avril Jarett Make-Up

Dress Oleg Cassini 

Band The Super Rollers

If you like this blog post and are on a lookout for a photographer for your upcoming wedding then please get in touch for a chat about your day!

Wedding Photographer Reading

Reading Wedding Photography

Last summer I had an enormous pleasure of photographing a beautiful wedding of Katie and Isaac in Reading.  I met the happy couple before when we did our pre-wedding photos in the countryside surrounding Reading. Because of that, I knew it will be an awesome day in a great company. And I wasn't mistaken. I have shot quite a few weddings in and around Reading and really love the Berkshire county town, so was really looking forward to another wedding in the area. Well known for the Reading festival, the Reading town lies right where River Thames and River Kennet join. It has beautiful architecture as well as nature and fields surrounding it. Perfect backdrops for wedding photography.

Reading Summer wedding

Last summer was one of the hottest I remember in the UK. Almost every wedding we had, had clear, or almost clear skies. So many wedding guests mentioned I must be thrilled with photographing weddings in this glorious weather. Well, as long as it made my couples happy, then I was happy too! As for me, it's in huge part about capturing those happy emotions and interactions. But very often the hot summer weather proved challenging. With many wedding venues, especially barns and stately homes (which are one of my favourites to photograph at) not being prepared for it with no air conditioning.

Isaac and Katie's wedding was no exception. The weather was beautiful. But, when it comes to the best light for wedding portraits, I was keeping to the shade as much as possible as well as waiting until just before the sunset to get the photos of the bride and groom.

DIY Reading marquee wedding Berkshire

The bride and groom are such a great couple. Surrounded by their families and close friends, they made me feel very welcome indeed. Everyone had a great time all the way through the wedding day which is precisely what I was capturing in the photos.

We started the photography on the day in Isaac's parent place, where the future bride was getting ready with her bridesmaids. The atmosphere was relaxed and joyful from the start, which continued all through the wedding day. The wedding breakfast and party happened in the same place in a marquee which was raised in the garden for the occasion. It needs to be mentioned that Katie looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, which had some of the most gorgeous details showing beautifully against the slightly creamier fabric.

Almost everything about the wedding was DIY with many people contributing to the overall beautiful look. The cake was made by one of the bridesmaids. Not only was it looking great, but tasted great too!

What was a great touch as well, was the food, which was fish and chips from the local shop as well as ice cream from an ice cream van. Delicious and supporting local businesses too.

The day wouldn't be completed without great wedding garden games, like Jenga and beer pong. As well as knocking down cans with bride and groom's photos on them, so much fun!

Bradfield College Wedding

The ceremony, however, took place in a gorgeous Bradfield College. Its interior as well as exterior architecture and grounds made for some stunning backdrops to the ceremony, confetti and the drinks reception. One of the favourite moments must have been the best man and the maid of honour dropping almost full buckets of confetti on the bride and groom. Please see photos below as the evidence!

Thank you so much, Isaac and Katie, for trusting in me to document your awesome day for you. It was so much fun!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer around Reading, Berkshire and beyond and like the style of the photos, then please get in touch for a chat about your day.

wasing park wedding

Wasing Park Wedding Photography

Wasing Park Wedding Photographer

Oh, how I enjoyed being a Wasing Park wedding photographer! Last summer Berkshire wedding season was definitely a one to remember. Full sunshine and not a cloud in the sky at most weddings. And the recent Wasing Park wedding photography was no exception.

Wasing Park is an absolutely gorgeous wedding venue, situated in Berkshire in Wasing. It is jusaroundnd the corner from Aldermaston. It has quite a nice mixture of buildings who are slightly different architecturally, yet fit together well. I have shot a wedding at the Secret Walled Garden (also belonging to the estate) before. It can be found here and the weather there was so completely different. So I was truly looking forward to photographing the wedding in Wasing Park.

So many wedding guests were approaching me saying I must be really pleased to be photographing a wedding on a day like this. Well, to be honest on those hot days being a wedding photographer is a bit more challenging. The heat slowing you down as well as the bright sunshine in the summer in the middle of the day are not ideal when it comes to wedding photography. Luckily there is always a bit of open shade to be found on site. Or, even better, we can use the harsh sunlight to create lovely silhouettes with rim light around them.

Wasing Park Wedding Venue

The Wasing Park wedding venue certainly doesn't disappoint. It has a beautiful barn, which is a perfect size for an average to large wedding breakfast. The wedding ceremony can be held in three different places: the Parish Church, the Victorian Summerhouse, or the elegant Garden Room. Today the ceremony took place in the Garden Room which was perfect for the weather, with all the windows open the draft kept the guests cool. Having the church within the grounds was great as it is really a picturesque one and we could use it as a backdrop for some of the couple photos.

Wasing Park has also plenty of accommodation, so many of the wedding guests can stay the night, which definitely is a great bonus. Another thing worth mentioning is the food served at the wedding breakfast. Not only was it delicious but also really beautifully presented.

The whole day was run smoothly by Gemma, who was just brilliant on the day.

More info about the venue itself and its history can be found here.

Now about the happy couple themselves, Rob and Sam. They both looked absolutely stunning on their wedding day. They are also a couple down to earth and up for a laugh kind of people, a true pleasure to have around.

Berkshire Summer Wedding

So after a few getting ready photos, I went to the ceremony place where the wedding guests were slowly gathering. The wedding ceremony at the Garden Room was beautiful and emotional. After that, it was canapes, photos and garden games. Then it was off to the barn for the wedding breakfast. The speeches were great, moving and funny as they should be. The whole wedding day was just lovely. Great couple, beautiful wedding venue and grounds and we certainly made the best out of the light!

Other professionals who made this day awesome:

MakeUp http://www.makeupbyelisa.com/

Dress https://www.sassandgrace.co.uk/

Flowers http://www.cherubsfloraldesign.com

Band Smith and Sons

Catering Galloping Gourmet


If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding (in Wasing Park or anywhere else!) and like the vibe in this blog post, please get in touch for a chat about your day!

Or you can check another Berkshire wedding here.

Jewish Wedding Photographer London

Jewish Wedding Photography

Last summer I had an enormous pleasure to be a Jewish wedding photographer at a wedding of Alex and Jennie just outside of London. From all the different weddings I photographed this year this informal Jewish countryside wedding was definitely one of my favourites. The couple, the wedding guests, the place and the weather were just perfect. If anything it was slightly too hot!

I love photographing Jewish weddings in London and all over the UK and abroad, whether it's an orthodox ceremony or a modern Jewish wedding. It is great to capture all the traditional elements, like Tisch, Bedekken, and Ketubah. What is even better for me as a documentary wedding photographer is that Jewish weddings are so full of energy and always great fun. They are also centred around family and friends and there is always a lot going on which is just perfect for my style of photography, based on documenting a wedding with a photojournalistic approach.

Jewish Wedding Photographer London

The wedding of Jennie and Alex took place on a beautiful farm just outside of London. This was definitely a slightly less formal Jewish wedding with an emphasis on everyone enjoying themselves and having fun. Just look at the colour of everyone's kippahs-simply brilliant! The couple themselves are just two awesome and creative people, with a great and so contagious sense of humour. I don't think I remember the last time I laughed so much at a wedding! They were surrounded by an amazing bunch of friends and family and the love was clearly in the air.

The wedding ceremony took place traditionally underneath a Chuppah (which symbolises the home the couple will later build together), in a field between the main house and the wedding tipi. There was a reading of Ketubah as well as the seven blessings. The bride also circled the groom seven times. This represents the seven days of creation as well as the groom being from now on the centre of bride's life. There was also, of course, drinking wine and the smashing of the glass, a very important part of a Jewish wedding ceremony. Which was successful after a couple of attempts, not an easy task done on the grass!

No real Jewish wedding could take place without the traditional Israeli dancing, and this one was no exception. I had to be a bit careful there as some of the guests were spinning very quickly close to me, including the bride and groom! It was so fun and energetic event, with the bride and groom lifted by the wedding guests and balanced on their chairs.

DIY Summer Tipi Wedding

The food was a buffet style choice of mouth-watering dishes, all served on bamboo plates and eaten with bamboo forks and knives, truly festival style.

The wedding speeches by the father of the bride, the groom and the best man, as well as the bride, were just perfect. They had a right balance between moving and funny moments with many Mazel Tovs in between!

The party part of the wedding did not disappoint either. Many different guests turned out to be talented musicians as well, playing different instruments, while the groom was awesome on the vocals!

When it came to first dance and the dancing moves in general, it was a pure joy to witness and photograph. Jennie and Alex, as well as all their guests (kids included) certainly know how to rock the dancefloor!

There were so many DIY elements to this wedding, making it extra special. Like all the decorations as well as the cake and flowers all perfectly prepared by the mother of the bride. And Jennie looked absolutely stunning in her dress from Blush Bridal with make-up and hair provided by Prisca Hofer.

We wrapped up the day with a few golden hour phots with the bride and groom and a couple of marshmallows baked over the bonfire, delicious!

Thank you so much, Jennie and Alex, for trusting in me to document your absolutely amazing summer wedding. Every time I think about it puts a big smile on my face!

If you are looking for a Jewish wedding photographer London and beyond who would capture all the important moments of your wedding day, then please get in touch for a chat. You can also check another summer tipi wedding (this time a rainy one!) right here.


gay wedding confetti

Gay Wedding Photographer London


As a gay wedding photographer London, I love documenting same-sex weddings around the capital and also all around the UK. My approach to a gay wedding is the same as to any other. I focus on connection and emotion between two people in love telling a beautiful story of their day.

That, in my opinion, is what a great wedding photojournalism should be about: catching those authentic and honest moments between the couple as well as between their family and friends. Not forcing anything but letting things unfold in a natural way.
As every couple is different, gay or straight, I focus on letting the personalities show through the photos. And most importantly, as a same-sex wedding photographer, I make sure that everyone has a great day by communicating and listening to my couples and making sure their expectations are met and exceeded.

The recent gay wedding I had a pleasure of photographing was no exception. Matthew and Henry decided to tie the knot just outside of London in the Gaynes Park. As we met previously during our couple shoot in Brighton, I knew it is going to be a very special day in the best of companies. And indeed it was!

The groom and groom are simply two amazing, down to earth a clearly deeply in love guys. It was an absolute pleasure to spend their wedding day in their company as well as in the company of their amazing guests and families. The day was so full of fun that I could hardly feel I was at work!

We started the day quite early in the Epping Forest, where the happy couple decided to have a pre-wedding blessing in the local woods. It was such an intimate and beautiful setup in the company of only their closest ones. Everyone was very casual and relaxed and the little clearing in the forest where the blessing took place was simply perfect for it!


After that, it was getting ready at home for Matthew and in the nearby hotel for Henry. From there all the rest of the day's events took place in Gaynes Park, an absolutely gorgeous wedding venue just outside of London. The wedding ceremony took place in the orangery, which was simply ideal for it. There were so many lovely personal touches throughout the ceremony, like friends and family members singing in absolutely beautiful angelic voices.

The wedding reception took place in the beautifully decorated Gaynes Park barn, with many beautiful DIY wedding details on and around the tables.  Every table had their own song designated and every time they required another bottle of wine, everyone at the table had to perform that song. So as you may have guessed, there was a lot of singing going on, which was going slightly more out of tune with every next bottle delivered to the table!

The wedding speeches certainly didn't disappoint. Especially by the mums and maids of honour, who dressed as judges decided upon a guilty verdict in their case against suspected groom and groom. In the end, the guilty ones were presented with handcuffs. Of course with pink fur around them!

Photo booth and the evening pizzas kept everyone entertained and well fed. And the field next door served as an awesome backdrop to our sunset 'golden hour' couple shoot.

Thank you so so much Matthew and Henry for trusting in me to document your gorgeous wedding for you. I loved every minute of it! x

Other professionals who helped to make the day special:

My second shooter: the one and only Bart form Miracle Moments

Video: the amazing Robert from Kubicki

Flowers: Luke and Lottie

Band: The Jacks

DJ: Grant

If you like this post and are in search for your gay wedding photographer in London or beyond, then please get in touch for a chat about your day. I'd love to hear more about it. 2018 is now fully booked and 2019 and 2020 dates are filling up quickly!





Wedding Photographer Essex

Essex Wedding Photography

Finally, I've put myself together I decided to make a long overdue blog post from one of my favourite days this year. The awesome Essex wedding of Han and Jon in West Mersea!

As an Essex wedding photographer, I couldn't have wished for much more. The weather was just perfect on the day! Well, to be honest, this wedding season was completely opposite to the previous one. Last year I must have shot around 8 weddings in a row in the rain. This year I don't think there was even one. All the weddings are sunny and sometimes a little bit too hot. Although this one was great and just the right temperature!

A little bit about the wedding couple. The bride and groom were simply two kids in love, which was clearly visible throughout the day. The connection and the atmosphere they created was truly magical and really shines in their photos.

The locations were stunning as well. West Mersea is a cute little town in Essex, actually a little island surrounded by water and quite a few boat and yacht clubs. We started in a local cottage, where Hannah was getting ready together with her bridesmaids. All happening in a small bedroom upstairs. Small but with such an awesome view over the town, water and Essex countryside. So the usual merry hustle and bustle, everyone looking gorgeous and off we were to the local church for the ceremony.

Marquee Wedding Essex

Jon, as well as all the guests, were already there at Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul, waiting for the bride and her party to arrive. The wedding ceremony was simply beautiful. It was run by the local vicar, a friend of the couple and both families. When I saw him wearing Dr Martens boots and multiple piercings, I knew it's going to be a special one!

My favourite moment during the wedding ceremony must have been the few minutes of meditation, in which all the guests participated. I think there was a great message there: just to breathe and focus on the present, on this beautiful moment for which we could only be thankful. This is so often forgotten when the wedding day is so intense and fast-paced. And very often by the time you know it, it is all over! It is therefore even more valuable to slow down and simply enjoy each others company.

The wedding reception took place in a beautiful marquee at the back of Jon's folk's house. A big part of the wedding guests and family were Danish so there were a lot of mixed wedding traditions happening throughout the day. Eating Danish buns with English tea after the ceremony for example. Or cutting of the cake, which was very original and made in a traditional Danish way.

Documentary Wedding Photographer Essex

There ware also a lot of singing during and after the meal, in which everyone joyfully participated.

I finished after catching a few crazy moves on the dancefloor and some interesting garden games.

Thank you so so much, Han and JB for making me feel so welcome and letting me document your beautiful wedding day. I enjoyed it so much!

If you are by any chance looking for a wedding photographer Essex, and like this little post, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat about your plans!


wedding photography tips by blue lily weddings

11 Wedding Photography Tips For Beautiful Photos

11 Wedding Photography Tips That Will Make Your Photos Stunning

Your wedding photos will be the best reference you have when you want to look back on one of the most important days of your life. To make sure you and your photos look stunning, check out these wedding photography tips!

Photographs are the most classically beautiful way to remember a wedding. They capture smiles, tears of joy, and each and every person who attended your unforgettable ceremony.

So, make sure that you're getting the absolute best photos possible by enforcing the proper precautions. Want to know more?

Simply GET IN TOUCH for a chat or keep reading to learn all about how to look good in wedding photos and for our top ten wedding photography tips to ensure that the memories of your big day are as perfect as the day itself. Let's get started!

1. Make a Mood Board

The best way to organise your thoughts before your wedding day is to make a mood board. A mood board is a great opportunity to outline your favourite colours, styles, and to showcase your unique personality.

This will come in handy once you hire a wedding photographer. A detailed mood board will help you explain your preferences in a visual way that will influence each of your photographer's shots.

Search for wedding photos on popular websites and blogs for inspiration. Pick out your favourite looks and styles, and compile them into a collage for future reference.

Pinterest is definitely a perfect application for this process to be smooth and efficient. After creating your board it is super easy to share it straight away with your wedding photographer as long as they have a Pinterest account (which they definitely should!).

old kent barn wedding

2. Hire a Photographer Who Understands Your Vision

Even after you've created your lovely mood board, it's still important to hire a photographer whose work is in line with your preferences. Make sure that you thoroughly research each of your options in order to find the perfect fit for you.

And when you meet with them, ask lots of questions! The ideal candidate should make you even more excited for your big day.

If you are still looking for a great wedding photographer, then check our blog and get in touch for a chat about your day!

3. Communicate With and Listen to Your Wedding Photographer

After choosing the right wedding photographer for you make sure you communicate well with each other, especially regarding your needs and expectations.

If they have any tips regarding locations,  timings or lighting, listen to their advice. If they are experienced enough, they'll know what they are talking about.

If there are photos that you know that you absolutely must have, make sure you let them know (just don't make the list too long!).

Allowing enough of time for the official photos as well as the couple shoot will always result in the photos being more relaxed. This way no one needs to rush and the result will be better images with everyone looking their best.

Make sure you communicate the order of the day with your wedding photographer, and take his or her advice before finalising timings.

wedding photography tips by blue lily weddings

4. Make Time for Hair and Makeup

Scheduling in the proper amount of time for hair and makeup on your wedding day is an absolutely vital part of getting amazing wedding photos. After all, if you're at all rushed in this department, it will throw off the scheduling of the entire day. A truncated schedule will mean sacrificing part of your photo session, so make sure that you give your hair and makeup team plenty of time to finish their work.

5. Keep Your Locations to a Minimum

When you find that perfect location for your wedding, it can be tempting to have a photo shoot in every corner. But location changes take up massive amounts of precious time and can take away from the overall quality of your shoot.

To relieve stress from you and your photographer, keep your location choices to a minimum. Plus, an amazing wedding photographer will be able to make the best from any conditions and backdrop.

6. Everyone You Hire Will Affect Your Photos

Although it may not seem like the vendors who you hire for the other aspects of your wedding would affect your photos, they do. Because when one thing goes wrong, it creates a snowball effect that throws off everything else as well.

So, make sure that you choose your vendors and helpers carefully. Find an amazing wedding planner, an excellent catering team, and a helpful serving staff to ensure that everything goes smoothly. When the other aspects of your wedding day go well, your photos will, too.

7. Opt for a Veil

If you're a bride who's unsure of whether or not to wear a veil, we recommend going for it. Veils add another gorgeous element to play with in your wedding photos.

The flowing fabric is elegant and you can always take it off for some of the time if you like. Providing your photographer with more options to work with will ensure that you get that perfect wedding photo.

chinese wedding london hall place bexley bride and groom veil

8. Fun Wedding Photography Tips

Looking for wedding photo tips that will add some fun to your album? These ideas are the way to go.

The first option is to use toss items like confetti. Whether you use them when the bridal party is getting ready, right after the ceremony, during your first dance, or when you're riding away into the sunset, these items add an extra layer of merriness to your wedding photos. So, make some confetti before your big day and have fun with it!

And if your ceremony ends at night, you can also add some extra wow factor by having a sparkler exit. Get everyone in your wedding party to light up sparklers at the same time- and make sure your photographer captures the fun!

Or if you want to go for something even more spectacular, wedding fireworks are always a winner!

9. Incorporate a First Look

Have you ever heard of a first look? It's when a bride and groom share a moment right before their wedding ceremony. The purpose of the first look is to allow them to have a private moment of connection before they are bombarded with all the lovely kisses and congratulations from their guests.

Allowing your wedding photographer to be a fly on the wall during this moment will give you some truly precious pictures to look back on. So, if you want some photos with a candid, intimate feel, incorporating a first look into your wedding day schedule is the perfect move.

10. Keep Lighting in Mind

While creating your wedding day schedule with your photographer, be sure to keep lighting in mind at all times. When and where does the best lighting occur at your chosen location? Which photos do you want to take at these times?

Rank each planned shoot by the level of importance. For example, we recommend shooting the couples session during the time of day with the best lighting, which is usually around late afternoon. Especially on a sunny day.

After all, these photos of just the two of you will be the ones that reflect your love in the most organic way.

11. Have Fun and Enjoy Your Day!

This could/should be probably a wedding photography tip number one.

With all the rushing around and things going crazy (and sometimes with lightning-like speeds) on your wedding day its easy to get lost in the logistics.

The very important thing is to always remember what your day is supposed to be about. It's the celebration of your love with your closest ones, your family and friends!

It is such a joyous occasion so try to simply enjoy it and have fun. If you do, it will show in the photographs. They will then look relaxed and full of joy!


Congratulations on your upcoming big day. With the wedding photography tips above, you're sure to have the perfect memories of a perfect day.

Just remember to be strict with your schedule, to allow plenty of time for hair and makeup, and to add fun elements like confetti or a sparkler exit. Relax, enjoy your day, and trust that your photographer is capturing each and every perfect moment!

If you want more information about how to get the wedding photos of your dreams, we've got your back. Check out our blog page for tons of tips and tricks that will make your big day a breeze!

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

Choosing the right wedding photographer is super important. After all, you want the pictures of your favourite day to be as beautiful as you remembered it. To make sure you make the right choice, check out these 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer before hiring.

The days of awkward blurry photographs from your wedding day are over. Nowadays, 90 percent of wedding couples hire a professional photographer to make sure they get the snaps they want.

Your wedding is your special day. You want to capture the wonderful moments of the day to remember for the rest of your lives. That's why it's important to hire a wedding photographer that's right for you.

You are going to spend your wedding day with the photographer. So it's also important to get along well. That's why it's always good to meet in face-to-face. In person if possible, or via video call, which is just as good and very often more time efficient!

But if you've never hired a photographer of any kind, it can be difficult knowing the questions to ask your wedding photographer. That's why we've put together this guide for the top 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer.

1. What's Your Photography Style?

Photography is an art form that comes in many different styles.

Most photographers have a preferred style. It's important to hire a photographer that is passionate about the same style as you. Photography styles range from traditional to photojournalism to fashion to fine-art to black-and-white.

wedding photographer london cofetti shot2. What's Your Experience?

It's important to find out about the experience of the photographer in the interview. Do they specialise in weddings or do they do any other type of photography?

It's always good to know that your photographer has many years of experience shooting weddings.

You want to know how many weddings they have shot. After all, plenty of professional photographers don't work full-time. They might have only shot a few weddings over a period of a few years.

It's important to keep in mind that just because someone has been taking photos for many years, it doesn't necessarily mean they're better than a photographer that's new to the game.

3. How Would You Describe Your Working Style?

This question is quite important as it will give you an idea of how your photographer will behave on the day and how will they interact with you and the wedding guests.

They can either have a more unobtrusive approach, blending in with the crowd or shooting from the distance. This is more characteristic of documentary or photojournalistic wedding photography approach with less interference and documenting things as they unfold.

The other approach is a more traditional one, where the photographer takes more active involvement in setting up and choreographing the shots.

lillibrooke manore wedding couple shoot4. Do You Provide a Wedding Photographer Contract?

Many professional photographers don't provide clients with any kind of contract. It's not worth risking this. Avoid any photographer that refuses to grant you a contract.

Make sure you obtain a contract that provides the details of the service they're are providing you. This should include the charges and the terms and conditions.

This way you're protected if the wedding photographer doesn't fulfil the agreed terms, such as failing to show up on the day.

The photographer may be unable to attend your wedding day at the last moment, for example, due to illness. It's important to make sure the photography studio compensates you and provides a substitute photographer.

5. Are You Insured?

It's essential that you make sure your wedding photographer has insurance.

This way you can be certain that you're not liable for the photography equipment in case of theft. Or, for example, if a guest is injured by the equipment, the photographer is insured.

the best wedding photography photos6. What Will You Wear?

You don't want your wedding photographer to look out of place at your wedding. It's important that they dress according to the theme or style of the wedding day.

For example, if you're having an especially formal wedding or a very casual wedding, this could affect how you want the photographer to dress.

If your wedding is of a particular religion or culture, your wedding photographer might be required to wear specific colours or patterns.

Most experienced wedding photographers dress in plain and formal clothes. But it's always worth asking to make sure.

7. Will you be the Photographer Shooting My Wedding? If so do You Work Solo or With an Assistant?

Many photographers run larger studios and will often send one of their associates to document the wedding, hopefully in the style and approach that you expect. If so, it is important to meet the photographer who will actually shoot your wedding to see if your personalities match and to talk things over before the wedding day.

Whether they have an assistant is also important. As this may result in the more visible presence of the photographer(s), especially if the wedding is more intimate or you prefer more unobtrusive approach.

On the other hand, they may be able to cover more angles throughout the day, as well as be able to cover the preparations of the bride as well as the groom. Especially if you are getting ready in locations that are far away from each other.

the best wedding photography in e world8. What Happens with the Wedding Goes Over-Time?

It's always difficult to know how long the reception of the day will last. Many wedding receptions party into the early hours of the next morning.

It's worthwhile asking the wedding photographer what happens with the wedding event goes over-time. You want to know whether they charge extra. Or even, you might not want them to pack up and leave before the event is over.

9. What Equipment Do You Use?

This can be a tricky question if you're not knowledgeable about photography. But it doesn't matter how much you know. Ask the photographer about the kind of camera body he/she uses and the lens type.

Even though it's not essential that your photography has the best quality equipment on the market. You can produce excellent pictures without using the top equipment.

Always ask that the photographer has backup equipment. You can't risk something going wrong on the day with the lens or camera.

10. What's the Post-Production Process and How Long Until the Photos Are Ready?

The style of the finished photographs is also determined by the post-production process. It's important to ask whether they provide post-production services or not.

Many photographers do not provide clients with the finished and post-produced product. It's important to make sure they provide you with a professional product.

There are often post-production techniques that you can choose from. For example, colour correction. It's important to ask advance if you have a particular look for the post-produced pictures.

It's understandable that you'll be impatient about receiving your wedding day photographs. But it always takes time to produce and deliver professional photographs.

You should expect to have your photographs anytime between a couple of weeks and a few months. It mostly depends on the post-production process and also whether your wedding will be more towards the beginning or the end of the wedding season.

However, be aware that many photographers might tell you that they can produce and deliver the photographs within a week of the wedding day. It's important to watch out for cutting corners.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

With our wedding photography checklist, you can make sure you know which questions to ask your wedding photographer in the interview.

It's important to hire the best wedding photographer to capture your special day in the highest quality.

If you want to find out more about my wedding photography services, get in touch today!

east quay wedding venue kent

East Quay Venue Wedding

East Quay Venue Wedding Photography

Recently I had an enormous pleasure of documenting an absolutely beautiful wedding of Cathy and Moyo. The whole affair took place at the East Quay Venue in Whitstable in Kent. As I met the happy couple (as well as Cathy's lovely mum) before when we did our engagement photo shoot around Greenwich in London, I knew it is going to be a very nice day in great company. And...I was right! C & M are just such an amazing couple. Not only beautiful but kind-hearted and with the right set of values.

The East Quay Venue was a great backdrop to the wedding day. It is the original oyster grading room, not much changed since the times when it was operational. It still has its original brick structure and coastal heritage charm.
The venue is located within one of the Whitstable’s oldest buildings, located directly on the end of the east quay in Whitstable harbour. Because it is right next to the beach itself, it is a completely unique and is a perfect place to hold a wedding reception.

I just loved the location, which helped us to create some beautiful images of the couple and their guests. The waves breaking over the shingles as well as well as the original shapes, colours and structures of surrounding buildings all added to the atmosphere of the day.

 Kent Wedding Venue

Now, about the day itself. We started at a nearby hotel where Cathy and the girls were getting ready. So after quick hair and make-up shots, off I was to see Moyo and the boys in a nearby bnb. The atmosphere was calm and joyful, which was a good sign. I really loved the socks of the groom and his ushers. A nice splash of colour on a foggy and windy day.

Yes, the weather on the day was chilly to say the least! Although it was a Spring wedding, it definitely felt like Winter. I have to give a big respect to Cathy, who in spite of what felt like freezing temperatures ventured with me and Moyo to the water's edge to get some shots of just the two of them. In my opinion, it was so worth it! And Cathy looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress, which looked just beautiful and dramatic blowing in the wind!

The ceremony took place on the mezzanine level of the Venue. The meal was local fish and chips, which was delicious and perfectly suiting the seaside setup. Other great parts of the day included cutting of the cake, photo-booth, and some crazy dancefloor moves the tunes of a live band.

Thank you so much Cathy and Moyo for letting me document your beautiful wedding. I enjoyed every minute of it!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer and like the vibe in the photos below, then please get in touch. You can also check other weddings I shot in Kent in Mount Ephraim Gardens and the Old Kent Barn. I would love to hear more about your plans!

Other professionals who helped to make this day special:

Make-up Jess Hawkins Make Up

Hair Kim at She Said Yes Bridal

Dress Alex and Nicole at The Wild Heart

Flowers Jane at Graham Greener

Band The Beat Roots




chinese wedding london couple on the bus

Chinese Wedding Photography London

Chinese Wedding Photographer London

A few weeks ago I had an enormous pleasure of photographing a Chinese wedding of Amy and Chi in the Hall Place in Bexley in London. Well, the wedding really mixed Chinese traditions like the Tea Ceremony and Chinese Banquet with western vibe during the main ceremony. A perfect mixture of both worlds and a treat for any wedding photographer. I just loved capturing the colours of traditional Chinese outfits. As well as the atmosphere of happiness but also respect during the Tea Ceremonies. That is when the couple served traditional Chinese tea to both parents of bride and groom, as well as other close family members.

The evening banquet took place at the Yi-Ban Restaurant right next to the London City Airport. Very unusual and interesting setting. It was great to see the planes taking off and landing just across the water channel. All the guest travelled between the venues in a traditional British London red Routemaster double-decker bus. Well, apart from the bride and groom who travelled in a classic cream Bentley!

The banquet itself was a true feast for eyes and most importantly the taste buds of all the guests, as well as me! So many traditional Chinese dishes cooked to perfection and beautifully served. The crab was simply to die for!

Hall Place Bexley Wedding Photography

The main venue for the day, the Hall Place in Bexley, is a stunning Tudor house with magnificent gardens sitting on the banks of the River Cray. I absolutely loved shooting there as the Hall Place has a beautiful architecture inside and outside, with timber walls and beams which give even some of the largest rooms a warm and cosy feel. The venue also boasts extensive grounds with blooming trees and trimmed hedges, which we used as backdrops when we went with the couple to do their photographs after the ceremony.

The ceremony there was gorgeous and the atmosphere was even more enhanced by a group of musician ladies playing some beautiful tunes on their classical instruments.

Coming back to Amy and Chi: Those two are just such a fun couple. We have met before when we did our engagement shoot around the grounds of Hever Castle. Because of that, I knew I'm up for a day filled with joy and laughter in their company. And it was indeed a great day. Not only the couple but also their family and friends were fun to be around and made me feel very welcome. They also cared about having great photography on the day, which made me very happy indeed.

Thank you so much guys for trusting in me to document your special day. I enjoyed it very much!

If you liked looking through the images from this Chinese London wedding and are in search for a wedding photographer, then please get in touch. I'd love to chat about your day!

You can also check this London wedding I photographed recently.

Other supplliers who helped to make this day so special:

Make Up: Tammi tamminguyen.co.uk

Flowers: Lisa gorgeousfloraldesign.co.uk

Cake: Pamela Pochums

Musicians: Trifonics trifonics.com

Dress: Olvi's olvis-lace.com/bridal

mount ephraim gardens wedding

Mount Ephraim Gardens Wedding

Summer Wedding in Kent

Last summer's Mount Ephraim Gardens Wedding in Kent was one of those great ones. Awesome couple and guests in a beautiful setting. And what a glorious day we had! We also experienced the typical British weather with sunshine, rain and everything in between.

The happy couple of the day were Carl and Cardine. We have met before when we did our engagement shoot in Richmond Park in London. Because of that, I knew it is going to be a good one. Carl and Cardine are just that kind of people who make you feel comfortable from the start and I felt like I've known them for ages! They are also a couple of kids, only disguised as grown-ups. I just have to add that Cardine looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress!

They were surrounded by a group of joyful friends and family, who added to the happy and relaxed vibe of the day.

Mount Ephraim Gardens Wedding Photography

The venue for the day was the glorious Mount Ephraim Gardens in Kent, an Edwardian terraced garden located at Hernhill, near Faversham. This beautiful family-owned estate in the heart of the Kent countryside is just perfect for a wedding celebration.

It is surrounded by acres of land and beautiful, landscaped gardens. There is so much of them I almost got lost while scouting the grounds at the start of the day! With regards to wedding photography, I was so spoiled. In the gardens of the venue you can find impressive terraces, water features and streams with bridges over them. On top of that there are ponds, gorgeous flowers which were taller than me and great architectural features like old tower and gate. All of this on a natural hill, on top of which there is the late-Victorian manor house, with beautiful interiors and sweeping staircase into the main hall. That is where the ceremony took place as well as the evening dancing.

The day was expertly run by our wedding coordinator Gosia, who together with other staff members made sure that the guests were happy and well looked after. The food was delicious and garden games entertaining, with Jenga being the favourite, especially amongst the kids.

Thank you so much Carl and Cardine for trusting in me and Blue Lily Weddings to document your special day. It was a true honour and so much fun!

If you like this post feel free to have a look at this other Kent wedding, but a winter one for a change. If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your upcoming big day, then please get in touch. I'd love to chat about your day!

Other professionals that helped to make the day awesome:

Hair Strawberry Blonde
Dress Ring o Roses
Flowers Sweetpea Florist
Band The Rhythm Stars
Cake Oh So Delicious

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