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Wedding Photography Prices in the UK 2019/2020

Wedding photography prices in the UK

Wedding planning is very often a challenging task. I know it first hand as we just got married ourselves this year, and things were very often overwhelming with so much to think about and plan!

One of the most important tasks is definitely finding and booking a wedding photographer. The challenge is finding one that will be able to document your wedding and present your vision in a beautiful way, and not cost a fortune!

How much is a wedding photographer in the UK?

The simple answer is: anything you are willing to pay. With enough research you can find a student who will do it for a few hundred pounds to build up their portfolio. You can also find wedding photographers charging up to 10k for a wedding. If you want additional products like prints, albums, engagement and trash the dress shoots, the cost can be much higher.

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What is the average cost of wedding photography in the UK?

According to the recent survey by YPWP which you can find here it’s £1480. The results vary depending on region with the north-east being the cheapest and the south-east the most expensive.

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

The short answer is because it is time-consuming and there are many costs of running this kind of business. For example:

  • The cost of all the equipment, which very often exceeds £10k and needs to be partly updated every season.
  • The cost of software and running online galleries.
  • Cost of USBs, prints and albums.
  • All the relevant insurance.
  • Cost of marketing, running a website, advertising campaigns.

Time-wise shooting a wedding is just a small fraction of the time spent as a wedding photographer. The extras include exchanging emails (not all of which lead to bookings!), editing (often for 30hrs plus), social media posts, blogs and website updates. And also designing albums.

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Why are wedding photographers so different in price?

As most brides and grooms are doing this thing for the first time it may seem a bit confusing. Why so many photographers tend to differ so much in price?

The answer would be simply because it is really up to the photographer to set the price themselves. So full-time, well-established photographers will charge much more than the ones just starting in the business or doing wedding photography as a second income.

Why are some photographers more expensive than others?

The best answer would be because of quality of service and finished product, their talent and skills. A great indicator is being able to deliver excellent results on a consistent basis. This really comes down to experience and having shot many weddings in different situations and light conditions. The result is a professional who is flexible and can think on the spot as well as anticipate what may happen next!

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Is price a good indicator of the quality of a wedding photographer?

The simple answer is: yes, as the more expensive photographer is better and you get what you pay for. But very often it is just not as simple as that.

I definitely know quite a few photographers who charge a lot mainly because they are great businessmen rather than shooters.

I also know a lot photographers who just want to shoot weddings and neglect the business side of things and are not booking as much.

Most photographers who charge a lot do it because they are in demand.

They are very well established, getting many enquiries and referrals and ranking highly with search engines. Because of that, they tend to get a high volume of inquiries and subsequently bookings to fill up their calendars.

The risk with cheaper photographers is that they will probably not be not as experienced, not as consistent and perhaps lacking proper insurances and full equipment backups.

How much should I spend on a wedding photographer?

The general rule of thumb is 10-20% of the total wedding budget but that also depends how much you value having absolutely best photos from your special day.

Couples who want to get great photos (like us for example) may be willing to spend more than average.

I know that the photos will be one of the few tangible things left over after probably the most important day of our lives, so we’d rather try to save money somewhere else.

We will be getting a photographer who we not only like and will have a pleasure to have around, but also the one who will document our day in a beautiful and emotional way. We want to look our best and we want for our family and closest friends to look great too!

It will be something most important, those moments frozen in time that we will share with our kids and hopefully grandkids after the day becomes a distant memory. 

So the most important indicator would not be the price but the quality, the consistency of the photos and the connection with the person taking them, someone we will enjoy to have around.

london st pancras wedding


What to look for when choosing a wedding photographer?

Their style, the way they take pictures, the moments they capture, how much they love their work and the way they edit the shots.

Just as important is their personality. You want someone who will help you have a fantastic day.

See if you can find reviews about them from their past weddings and read what other couples had to say about them.

I think when you find the perfect photographer for you, the money becomes less of an issue because the memories they will capture will be priceless.

So how do I find a good value for money wedding photographer that will be right for me?

Find a shooting and editing style you like.

Make sure they are consistent and their style will work with the possible lighting conditions at your venue.

Have a chat. A video call is a great option as it saves time and can be done quickly and efficiently from the comfort of your own home.

Double check if they have the necessary insurances as well as full equipment backups.

And then, if they are within your budget, book them as early as possible. The good ones get booked up fast.

If you want more practical wedding tips, check this great post that will help you Get the Most out of Your Wedding Photos or this one about simple and Practical Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring.

old kent barn wedding

Get in touch

If you are looking for an experienced and consistent wedding photographer at a right price feel free to check my latest work. And if you like the Blue Lily Weddings style just drop me a line. I'd love to chat about your day!

wedding couple at castle combe

Wedding Photographer Bath

Bath Wedding Photography

Last summer I had an enormous pleasure to be a Bath wedding photographer for a couple who came all the way from Hong Kong. Noelle and Kevin-two amazing people... or more like two kids in love. They got in touch with me a few months before, asking if we could do a couple shoot in Bath and Castle Combe. There could really only be one answer: yes please, let's do it! The scenery that the couple chose was simply breathtaking! It had just the right amount of beautiful architecture and nature mixed into it. What they asked for was a mixture of romantic and relaxed photos, which I think you could agree with me, they received at the end!

We started our shoot in a picturesque hotel in Bath with some great outdoor features like gardens and pagodas. Bath is such a great city to photograph, with sandstone coloured buildings, Roman baths and river Avon flowing through it. Just a great backdrop for anyone thinking of doing wedding photography there.

Castle Combe Wedding Photographer

The next step in our journey was Castle Combe. The tiny village (literally one street!) is an embodiment of a fairy tale medieval place. It has gorgeous and quirky architecture as well as beautiful gardens and rolling hills in the background. The place itself seems like out of this world. It is a quintessentially English village named as the ‘prettiest village in England.' It sits in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north-west Wiltshire. There is a stream going through the village at the bottom of it with a cute bridge going over it. Most of the area is private and we had to be very respectful and ask for the permission of the local folks to continue shooting along the stream. It has been definitely so so worth it!

At the last part of our little adventure, we went back to Bath. There Noelle changed into her 60's inspired black dress with a gorgeous facepiece. We managed to snap some intimate photos in the golden hour of the sunset light. And all that with stunning architecture of Bath in the background.

Noelle and Kevin were just a perfect couple for the day, easy going and fun to be around. Thank you so much guys! x

If you like this post and are looking for a wedding photographer to cover your Bath wedding (or beyond) please let me know. I would be great to get to know you and see if I could be a part of it!


pembroke lodge wedding

Richmond Wedding Photographer

Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photography

The summer London wedding of Emma and Graeme was simply a joyful celebration of two people in love. The venue for the day was Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. Out of many wedding venues around West London, the Pembroke Lodge must be one of my favourites. It is not too far if you live in the city and surrounded by beautiful Richmond Park, with its amazing greenery, majestic oaks and ferns, as well as a huge number of deer. I remember visiting there so many times years ago trying to get that perfect shot of a deer in a mist. My best effort can be still found online right here.
The venue itself, the Pembroke Lodge, is a unique Grade II listed Georgian Mansion which sits right in the highest point of Richmond Park. It boasts spectacular views over Thames Valley to the west with Heathrow airport and even Windsor on the horizon. And it's not only a perfect place for a wedding, but also for an afternoon tea. Especially after all day of strolling through the largest Royal Park in London.

West London Wedding Photographer

It was really amazing to see the bride and groom together surrounded by their closest friends and family in such beautiful surroundings. Most of the celebrations for the day were planned outside. But, as it often is with the British summer, the skies opened half an hour into the ceremony. And it kept on raining pretty much non stop until the end of the wedding day. That, of course, did not dampen the mood in a slightest and happy atmosphere dominated all the way through the wedding. Also, I really like shooting in the rain, getting the hair a bit wet with some cool umbrellas as props! And last but not least Emma looked absolutely stunning in her dress from Cutting Edge Brides!

I would definitely recommend Pembroke Lodge if you are in search of a great wedding venue. And if also in search of a wedding photographer feel free to get in touch so we can have a chat about your day. Perhaps by an afternoon tea at the Pembroke Lodge itself!





nelyweds kissing in the corner of the street by london wedding photographer

London Wedding Photographer

London Wedding Photographer

Amy and Lewis! What an amazing couple, surrounded on their big day by a lovely bunch of family and friends. I had such a great day being their London wedding photographer. But don't take my word for it, just browse through the photos below and see for yourselves!

The preparations, the ceremony and meal took place at the York and Albany. It's one of Gordon Ramsay's London restaurants situated in Camden. Just at the edge of Regents Park. This stunning regency townhouse was a fitting London wedding venue for our couple. And the weather through the day was just perfect, some even said it was too hot!

So, after a few shots of the venue and the bride and her party getting ready we went to the Regent's Room for the ceremony. All the decor of the York and Albany is definitely on the stylish side. Especially some very interesting chandeliers! The staff and coordinators were very helpful and efficient in the day. Because of that the whole experience was so much more pleasant for everyone.

Regent's Park Wedding Photography

The quiz with guests answering questions about the couple was a fun one with lost of laughs, as well as an emotional speech by the bride. The meal was filled with some exquisite dishes straight from one of the finest kitchens in town. After that, we did a few semi-formal group shots, and we even managed to go with the happy couple for a short walk around Regent's Park.

The second, evening venue for the day was The Botanist at the Broad Gate circle in the City of London. On the way there we planned to stop by St.Paul Cathedral for a few photos. But because it was so busy with tourists that we quickly changed the plan. We checked a narrow passage off the main road. Right inside we found this awesome staircase. I was a bit hesitant considering legalities of trespassing but before I was able to say anything the happy couple was already halfway up! This was just brilliant, and looking back at the photos makes me so happy that Amy and Lewis were so brave and easy-going.

We even hopped on the bus when we couldn't find a taxi. And (of course) managed to get lost around the city looking for the venue. Well, we found it at the end, where the whole crowd around the busy square gave the couple a big cheer!

Thank you guys for choosing Blue Lily Weddings to be your London wedding photographer.

I enjoyed it so much! x

If you enjoyed this post and are looking for your London wedding photographer, then please get in touch to chat about your plans!


morden hall wedding couple

Morden Hall Wedding Photography

Morden Hall Wedding

Finally, I've put myself together to post this blog from the last summer's Morden Hall wedding of Rika and Os. It was a great and unusually hot day, full of sunshine and love. Rika and Os are such a great couple. We got to know each other during our couple shoot around the city of London. Because of that I was really looking forward to the big day.

Morden Hall wedding venue is an exquisite 18th Century country house in South London. It is set within 125 acres of beautiful National Trust parkland. Renovated in 2015, it has been designed to create a unique experience for couples and their guests. 'From elegant ceremony rooms to stylish bar areas, an exceptional dining space and beautiful gardens. Morden Hall offers everything and more for your special day. I also knew the area quite well, especially the surrounding park. Simply because we frequently visited there with the family when we lived in South London.

South London Wedding Photographer

The whole day was just as it should be: relaxed and full of joy and laughter.

One of my favourite moments must have been when Rika's veil decided to separate itself and hed simply flown away in a gust of wind!

After I delivered the full set of photos to the couple I was delighted to find this online review from Rika: 'Marek is a superstar when it comes to wedding photography - he has a really artistic vision and infectious energy and passion for what he does. You'll be able to see some great examples of his natural talent on his website! Neither I nor my husband are natural models but Marek captured some great moments from our wedding day with his friendly and approachable manner. The pre-wedding shoot and Skype call beforehand was a nice touch - it meant we could get to know him a little better before the wedding day itself. If you're looking for a great, professional photographer for your special day - go for Blue Lily Weddings!'

Thank you so much guys for letting me your South London wedding photographer- it has been a true honour and pleasure!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer I still have a few dates available for 2018 bookings and 2019 is filling up quickly. Please get in touch so we can chat about your day!


wedding photographer kent

Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography

Beccie and Tony's winter Old Kent Barn wedding was just brilliant. Beautiful bride, handsome groom and a very happy bunch of friends and family around them. I couldn't have been more thrilled to be their Kent wedding photographer.
We did meet before with the couple when we had their pre-wedding shoot in Greenwich. They are both just an amazing people, down to earth and always up for a laugh. I just knew it is going to be a great day... And I wasn't wrong!

Kent Wedding Photographer

All the action of the day happened in and around the Old Kent Barn wedding venue. With it's beautiful, cosy interiors and surrounding grounds, the barn made for a great backdrop for the pictures. The Chrismas tree, fairy lights and table decorations really helped to create a magical atmosphere. And the wedding coordinator Kylie couldn't be more helpful.

Old Kent Barn Wedding

But, what really made this wedding so special were the couple themselves together with their guests.  So much laughter, cheers and tears. And the dancefloor moves were just awesome! I have to say the same for the speeches. Tony was simply a natural and his best man, well... he nailed it too! Despite being quite nervous, seemed like a couple of glasses with bubbles helped to muster the courage!
I have to give a big respect to Beccie, who looked absolutely stunning in her Bows Boutique dress. The temperatures outside seemed to be below freezing and she managed to keep her smile on all through the formal shots as well as the couple shoot. In huge part thanks to Tony as well, who kept his bride warm!

Thank you so much guys! x

If you are looking for a Kent wedding photographer, I still have a few last spots available for 2018 and am now also taking bookings for 2019. Please get in touch so we can chat about your day!



wedding photography london

Best of 2017 - Wedding Photography London

Wedding Photography London

What an amazing year 2017 has been! Over 30 weddings in so many awesome locations and just as many couple shoots. A huge part of the year was simply wedding photography in London. Which I love so much! London is a really individual, vibrant city with so much to offer. The mixture of stunning architecture and greenery of the surrounding parks always makes for some spectacular backdrops. But, just as many weddings happened all around the UK, as well as abroad. In beautiful Sweden, Poland and breathtaking Caribbean and Bahamas.

Finally, I found time to put it all together in a slideshow with some of my favourite and most memorable images. Feel free to sit down, relax and enjoy those moments. For me, it's a trip down memory lane with each image containing a sentimental value and bringing emotion to life.

None of that would, of course, be possible without all the couples that put their faith in me to document some of the most important moments in their lives. The couples as well as all the people surrounding them; loving parents, friends, families, kids and pets!
Thank you so much guys!

London Wedding Photography

Looking back at those images I truly feel blessed that I can do something that I love and enjoy. All the overwhelming and positive feedback from the people who put their trust in me is just the greatest reward. To be able to bring something positive to peoples lives, to put smiles on their faces mixed with an occasional tear of joy and reflection. It's simply awesome!
I feel like this journey as a wedding photographer, as a person who documents feelings and connections, is just getting better. I can't wait for what 2018 has to bring.

If you are looking for a photographer to document all the joy of your special day in a beautiful and relaxed way then feel free to browse through some of my latest weddings here. There are still a few dates available for 2018 bookings, and 2019 is also filling up. Please get in touch so we can have a chat about your day.



In case you would like to quickly browse through the images from the slideshow as well as a few extra, just scroll through the set below. By yours truly wedding photographer London.

lillibrooke manor wedding

Wedding Photographer Berkshire

Lillibrooke Manor Wedding

The recent wedding at Lillibrooke Manor near Maidenhead was what a great wedding should be. As a Berkshire wedding photographer I couldn't have asked for much more. Grace and Sam are just such an amazing couple. We met a few months before in Richmond Park in London where we did their engagement shoot. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed and we got some beautiful photos as a result. Because of that I knew that the wedding day will be just as good, if not better!

The weather was quite typical for an Autumn wedding. Overcast and a bit chilly, but we were lucky enough to get a tiny bit of sunshine just before the sunset.
The Lillibrooke Manor itself is just a great wedding venue. It is grade II listed with medieval manor house and 15 acres of historic barns and gardens. One of the main features is the Great Barn, where the reception took place. It is one of the largest of its type in the south of England. With a grand beamed ceiling and wrought iron chandeliers, it is truly an impressive space.

Berkshire Wedding Photography

All the gathered family and friends were just a happy bunch of people, which made the atmosphere joyful and relaxed. The ceremony was beautiful and the food delicious. Speeches were moving and funny. Some favourite moments were when the best man and Sam's brother did his speech, dressing together with the groom as Batman and Robin. At the end, he even gave Sam a present, which was his entire collection of Pokemon card beautifully framed for future generations to admire!
The after dark sparklers were great, with nice warm glow in the photographs against the dark backdrop of the evening. At the end, I finished shooting a bit later than planned. The atmosphere on the dancefloor was so electric (please check below!) that I just had to stay longer!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Berkshire and like this post, then please get in touch so we can chat about your day!


wedding photographer lincolnshire

Wedding Photographer Lincolnshire

The recent wedding of Annie and James was such a joy to photograph. I was indeed super happy to be their wedding photographer Lincolnshire on that glorious summer day!
There was so much of raw emotion when those two tied the knot surrounded by their families and friends. Certainly an unforgettable day for everyone involved!

We started the day with James getting ready in a company of his eleven groomsmen. So as one may guess with so many guys together there was a lot of banter and joking around, which pretty much set the vibe for the rest of the day.
Then off I was to see Annie, the girls and mum getting ready in a nearby cottage. So a quick makeup and hair and a couple of shots by the pond which was just outside. I must mention that all the girls looked gorgeous and Annie looked absolutely stunning in her Jdezire dress.

Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

After the ceremony in a local church, everyone moved to bride's parents' farm, The Chesnuts, some of the guests travelling in a tractor-pulled farm carriage. Drinks reception took place in and around the house with local musicians playing some classy tunes for the guests. After that, we took a stroll around the nearby pond with the couple and got a few nice shots. Then everyone moved to an impressive marquee on the field just by the cottage.

What was really special about the set up was that pretty much all the details and decorations were made and organised by the family and friends. There were so many sweet personal touches, like table decorations, flowers, candy station and beer boat. Not to mention the (slightly leaning) summer fruit cake prepared by Annie's mum. The speeches were personal and touching, as well as funny and slightly embarrassing at times. The party was just awesome and fire pits kept everyone warm through the evening. A great surprise was a spectacular firework display which lit up the sky beautifully!

If you like this post and are looking for a friendly photographer to document your special day, then let's get in touch to chat about your plans!


east london wedding photographer

East London Wedding Photographer

The recent engagement couple shoot with Coral and Owen was definitely an enjoyable one! We met up in the trendy area of Shoreditch-the Brick Lane. I haven't shot around there before and was really excited about it because of the vibe of the place. It has a sort of an urban gritty feel to it, with murals and graffiti at almost every corner. Some of it very impressive. It nostalgically reminded me of the times when I was a 'graffiti artist' myself as a teenager. Definitely some great memories.
The architecture of this part of London is also very interesting. With many post-industrial buildings turned into cool art galleries, shops and street markets. All of those things created a very nice backdrop for our urban couple shoot. That day I was a very happy East London wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer East London

Another great thing about this photo shoot was the fact that the couple brought their dog Nelly with them. So enthusiastic and did not want to leave them even for a few seconds. Which turned out to be a bit of a challenge when we tried to get some photos just of the couple themselves.
I literally had to shoot with the camera in one hand and Nelly on the lead (pulling hard!) in the other with the umbrella to protect the camera wedged between my shoulder and the side of my face. And they say this job is easy!
At the end, Nelly was just a great addition to all the shots, a very photogenic dog adding her character to the shoot. I really loved it as it showed more of the personality of Coral and Owen. And that is always a great thing in a photo shoot.
The weather was so wet on that day. It was raining pretty much non stop! Which was great as there weren't so many people photobombing on the usually very busy streets of Brick Lane. And I just loved the wet reflective surfaces of the roads and pavements often adding another dimension to the shots.
We finished shooting by the Tower Bridge, one of the most iconic landmarks of London. That place is always busy, no matter the weather!
Thank you guys for letting me accompany you on your stroll. I can't wait for the big day now!
If you are looking for a wedding or engagement London photographer and like the vibe of this photo shoot then please get in touch. I'm always up for a new adventure!

Wedding Photographer Hampshire-Clock Barn 1

Wedding Photographer Hampshire-Clock Barn

Kimberley and Lewis's wedding in Clock Barn was simply a dream for a Hampshire wedding photographer. I met the couple before when we did our engagement shoot in Windsor. Because of that, I knew it is going to be a special one. And I wasn't wrong!

Kimberley and Lewis are just a great couple. Kind, down to earth, always up for a laugh and very much in love. All the guests, their family and friends were also great to be around. They made me feel very welcome and helped to create some beautiful and fun-filled photos in the process.

Clock Barn Wedding Photography

The day started with Kimberley getting ready at home accompanied by the bridesmaids and parents. Oh, and of course the ever-enthusiastic Jack Russell! I must have thrown at least a dozen of tennis balls for him to chase :) Then off to the wedding venue itself: the Clock Barn in Hampshire, where the plan was to put the dress on just before the ceremony. Lewis and the boys were already waiting and the guests were slowly gathering.

The weather was mostly on our side. A few occasional drops of rain didn't seem to have any impact on the joyous atmosphere. And the setting around Clock barn was simply beautiful. Mixing some beautiful nature and architecture, as well as some common creatures like local sheep and some less common ones like a peculiar butterfly/moth drinking nectar from local flowers. I just managed to snap that shot in the last second!

The rest of the day just flowed in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. With delicious food, moving speeches (so much laughter and tears, and standing ovations!), garden games and dancefloor moves to the tunes of DJ Chris. In addition, he also provided a great photo booth, with so many fun props! Kimberley just topped it at the end when she put her neon light dancing trainers on, simply awesome!

Thank you guys for letting me be your Hampshire wedding photographer, it was so much fun! x

If you enjoyed this post and are searching for a wedding photographer then please get in touch to chat about your day. I would love to be a part of it!


Pitt Hall Barn Wedding Photography Hampshire 2

Pitt Hall Barn Wedding Photography Hampshire

Chloe and Leigh's recent Pitt Hall Barn wedding was so much fun! They are just such an amazing couple, so easy going and always up for a laugh. We clicked pretty much instantly when we did our engagement couple shoot few months ago around Clapham in London  (an awesome pub crawl!). Because of that I knew it is going to be an enjoyable and fun-filled celebration.

We started with the groom's preparations at a nearby pub. Leigh was getting ready in a company of his best man and brother, as well as his parents. We snapped a few shots and had a few laughs. You just have to love Leigh's flamingo-banana socks as well as his percussion cufflinks (as you may guess he is a passionate drummer). His brother, being a carpenter had a level matching cufflinks as well!

Then off we went to the Pitt Hall Barn wedding venue. Located in the beautiful Hampshire countryside and surrounded by 2500 acres of stunning rural landscape, the barn offered a perfect backdrop for the wedding. So a few photos of Chloe getting ready, guests gathering and the ceremony was about to begin.

Creative Wedding Photographer Hampshire

I have to mention that Chloe looked like a stunning modern fairy tale princess, with her ginger hair and beautiful Mywony dress.

The original plan was for the ceremony to take place in a nearby woods, which was an absolutely beautiful setup. Unfortunately, it started to rain just before and everyone was moved to the barn itself. Luckily the rain didn't last long and just as the ceremony finished, the sun came out. This enabled us to stroll back to the woods and do some group shots as well as bubble confetti and a few pics of the couple themselves. I just love the dramatic dark skies in some of them!

Another really special thing about the wedding was that Leigh and Chloe are both musicians. Chloe mainly doing vocals and Leigh on drums. Although Chloe did the percussion justice as well when she smashed a few songs. Many of the guests were also with music background, which created absolutely electric atmosphere during the party. Different friends were performing one after another and the crowd was just going crazy!

Chloe and Leigh, thank you so much guys! x

If you are looking for your wedding photographer please get in touch so we can chat about your day!