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Wedding Photographer Reading

Reading Wedding Photography

Last summer I had an enormous pleasure of photographing a beautiful wedding of Katie and Isaac in Reading.  I met the happy couple before when we did our pre-wedding photos in the countryside surrounding Reading. Because of that, I knew it will be an awesome day in a great company. And I wasn't mistaken. I have shot quite a few weddings in and around Reading and really love the Berkshire county town, so was really looking forward to another wedding in the area. Well known for the Reading festival, the Reading town lies right where River Thames and River Kennet join. It has beautiful architecture as well as nature and fields surrounding it. Perfect backdrops for wedding photography.

Reading Summer wedding

Last summer was one of the hottest I remember in the UK. Almost every wedding we had, had clear, or almost clear skies. So many wedding guests mentioned I must be thrilled with photographing weddings in this glorious weather. Well, as long as it made my couples happy, then I was happy too! As for me, it's in huge part about capturing those happy emotions and interactions. But very often the hot summer weather proved challenging. With many wedding venues, especially barns and stately homes (which are one of my favourites to photograph at) not being prepared for it with no air conditioning.

Isaac and Katie's wedding was no exception. The weather was beautiful. But, when it comes to the best light for wedding portraits, I was keeping to the shade as much as possible as well as waiting until just before the sunset to get the photos of the bride and groom.

DIY Reading marquee wedding Berkshire

The bride and groom are such a great couple. Surrounded by their families and close friends, they made me feel very welcome indeed. Everyone had a great time all the way through the wedding day which is precisely what I was capturing in the photos.

We started the photography on the day in Isaac's parent place, where the future bride was getting ready with her bridesmaids. The atmosphere was relaxed and joyful from the start, which continued all through the wedding day. The wedding breakfast and party happened in the same place in a marquee which was raised in the garden for the occasion. It needs to be mentioned that Katie looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, which had some of the most gorgeous details showing beautifully against the slightly creamier fabric.

Almost everything about the wedding was DIY with many people contributing to the overall beautiful look. The cake was made by one of the bridesmaids. Not only was it looking great, but tasted great too!

What was a great touch as well, was the food, which was fish and chips from the local shop as well as ice cream from an ice cream van. Delicious and supporting local businesses too.

The day wouldn't be completed without great wedding garden games, like Jenga and beer pong. As well as knocking down cans with bride and groom's photos on them, so much fun!

Bradfield College Wedding

The ceremony, however, took place in a gorgeous Bradfield College. Its interior as well as exterior architecture and grounds made for some stunning backdrops to the ceremony, confetti and the drinks reception. One of the favourite moments must have been the best man and the maid of honour dropping almost full buckets of confetti on the bride and groom. Please see photos below as the evidence!

Thank you so much, Isaac and Katie, for trusting in me to document your awesome day for you. It was so much fun!

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wasing park wedding

Wasing Park Wedding Photography

Wasing Park Wedding Photographer

Oh, how I enjoyed being a Wasing Park wedding photographer! Last summer Berkshire wedding season was definitely a one to remember. Full sunshine and not a cloud in the sky at most weddings. And the recent Wasing Park wedding photography was no exception.

Wasing Park is an absolutely gorgeous wedding venue, situated in Berkshire in Wasing. It is jusaroundnd the corner from Aldermaston. It has quite a nice mixture of buildings who are slightly different architecturally, yet fit together well. I have shot a wedding at the Secret Walled Garden (also belonging to the estate) before. It can be found here and the weather there was so completely different. So I was truly looking forward to photographing the wedding in Wasing Park.

So many wedding guests were approaching me saying I must be really pleased to be photographing a wedding on a day like this. Well, to be honest on those hot days being a wedding photographer is a bit more challenging. The heat slowing you down as well as the bright sunshine in the summer in the middle of the day are not ideal when it comes to wedding photography. Luckily there is always a bit of open shade to be found on site. Or, even better, we can use the harsh sunlight to create lovely silhouettes with rim light around them.

Wasing Park Wedding Venue

The Wasing Park wedding venue certainly doesn't disappoint. It has a beautiful barn, which is a perfect size for an average to large wedding breakfast. The wedding ceremony can be held in three different places: the Parish Church, the Victorian Summerhouse, or the elegant Garden Room. Today the ceremony took place in the Garden Room which was perfect for the weather, with all the windows open the draft kept the guests cool. Having the church within the grounds was great as it is really a picturesque one and we could use it as a backdrop for some of the couple photos.

Wasing Park has also plenty of accommodation, so many of the wedding guests can stay the night, which definitely is a great bonus. Another thing worth mentioning is the food served at the wedding breakfast. Not only was it delicious but also really beautifully presented.

The whole day was run smoothly by Gemma, who was just brilliant on the day.

More info about the venue itself and its history can be found here.

Now about the happy couple themselves, Rob and Sam. They both looked absolutely stunning on their wedding day. They are also a couple down to earth and up for a laugh kind of people, a true pleasure to have around.

Berkshire Summer Wedding

So after a few getting ready photos, I went to the ceremony place where the wedding guests were slowly gathering. The wedding ceremony at the Garden Room was beautiful and emotional. After that, it was canapes, photos and garden games. Then it was off to the barn for the wedding breakfast. The speeches were great, moving and funny as they should be. The whole wedding day was just lovely. Great couple, beautiful wedding venue and grounds and we certainly made the best out of the light!

Other professionals who made this day awesome:




Band Smith and Sons

Catering Galloping Gourmet


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