Tipi Wedding at the Secret Walled Garden 1

Tipi Wedding at the Secret Walled Garden

Tipi Wedding Photography

Last summer's DIY outdoor tipi wedding of Alice and Richard was simply awesome. The whole thing took place at The Secret Walled Garden in Wasing in Berkshire. I just love tipi weddings. They are a great combination of indoor and outdoor, making for a perfect choice for a summer celebration. And also have a nice rustic feeling to them, which is an advantage over marquee wedding setup.
Well, first we started at Alice's parents home when the bride to be was getting ready accompanied by her bridesmaids, parents and brother. A truly cheerful bunch of people that helped to set the vibe for the day. Which was simply happy and full of love!

I had a feeling this wedding is going to be a good one after meeting Alice and Richard and doing an engagement shoot with them in central London. Which we started at the pub where they first met! About the couple themselves... Two professionals living and working in a busy London. And on the inside... Two kids in love always up for a laugh and a bit of mischief. In summary: perfect!

The Secret Walled Garden Berkshire Wedding

The weather forecast for the day looked gloomy. As this was my 4th wedding this glorious British summer with rain, I felt more than ready. And it was raining pretty much all day. But, as the old saying goes: We took those lemons and turned them into lemonade! Thanks to the bride and groom and their awesome guests the spirits were high and the rain definitely didn't dampen the positive mood.

The Secret Walled Garden in Wasing certainly delivered as a venue with a large tipi raised on a grass field in the garden. There is definitely something special about organising your wedding day in a walled garden. There is a romantic atmosphere of intimacy and privacy you can share with your close ones. In my opinion, it was a perfect choice with its blooming flowers, singing birds and fields of surrounding countryside. The ceremony was to be held outside. For some it would be not the best option in case it rains, which in our case of course it did! I found, that on the contrary, it just added to the overall awesomeness of the day with the bride and the groom safe under the small roof and the guests hiding under a bunch of colourful umbrellas.

Then it was to the tipi for the meal, speeches and dancing. The day was finished with a spectacular sparkler send off. Nice one guys!

Here are a few words from a thank you email from Alice and Rich:

Hear, hear Marek! Thank you so, so, so much! It was an absolute pleasure to have you photograph our wedding – you are completely brilliant and have captured so many fantastic moments (in spite of the rain!).

We had such a happy evening going through the photos last night, laughing at moments you’d captured we didn’t even know about (the kids sticking their tongues into the rain!!!), reminiscing on emotional moments and generally just reliving the whole magical day. Thank you for all your attention to detail in photographing all the little elements we’d worked so hard on and for generally being a wonderfully easy, happy presence during the day. It can’t have been easy contending with that weather and you managed it all with a smile on your face.

Your photos will give us such pleasure for years to come and we’re so very grateful. THANK YOU!!!

Mr & Mrs B! x

If you like this post and are perhaps looking for a wedding photographer in Berkshire or beyond to capture your special day, then please get in touch. I'd love to meet up and chat about your day!

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Wedding Photography Prices in the UK 2019/2020

Wedding photography prices in the UK

Wedding planning is very often a challenging task. I know it first hand as we just got married ourselves this year, and things were very often overwhelming with so much to think about and plan!

One of the most important tasks is definitely finding and booking a wedding photographer. The challenge is finding one that will be able to document your wedding and present your vision in a beautiful way, and not cost a fortune!

How much is a wedding photographer in the UK?

The simple answer is: anything you are willing to pay. With enough research you can find a student who will do it for a few hundred pounds to build up their portfolio. You can also find wedding photographers charging up to 10k for a wedding. If you want additional products like prints, albums, engagement and trash the dress shoots, the cost can be much higher.

bride and groom showerd with confettin at lillibrooke manor

What is the average cost of wedding photography in the UK?

According to the recent survey by YPWP which you can find here it’s £1480. The results vary depending on region with the north-east being the cheapest and the south-east the most expensive.

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

The short answer is because it is time-consuming and there are many costs of running this kind of business. For example:

  • The cost of all the equipment, which very often exceeds £10k and needs to be partly updated every season.
  • The cost of software and running online galleries.
  • Cost of USBs, prints and albums.
  • All the relevant insurance.
  • Cost of marketing, running a website, advertising campaigns.

Time-wise shooting a wedding is just a small fraction of the time spent as a wedding photographer. The extras include exchanging emails (not all of which lead to bookings!), editing (often for 30hrs plus), social media posts, blogs and website updates. And also designing albums.

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Why are wedding photographers so different in price?

As most brides and grooms are doing this thing for the first time it may seem a bit confusing. Why so many photographers tend to differ so much in price?

The answer would be simply because it is really up to the photographer to set the price themselves. So full-time, well-established photographers will charge much more than the ones just starting in the business or doing wedding photography as a second income.

Why are some photographers more expensive than others?

The best answer would be because of quality of service and finished product, their talent and skills. A great indicator is being able to deliver excellent results on a consistent basis. This really comes down to experience and having shot many weddings in different situations and light conditions. The result is a professional who is flexible and can think on the spot as well as anticipate what may happen next!

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Is price a good indicator of the quality of a wedding photographer?

The simple answer is: yes, as the more expensive photographer is better and you get what you pay for. But very often it is just not as simple as that.

I definitely know quite a few photographers who charge a lot mainly because they are great businessmen rather than shooters.

I also know a lot photographers who just want to shoot weddings and neglect the business side of things and are not booking as much.

Most photographers who charge a lot do it because they are in demand.

They are very well established, getting many enquiries and referrals and ranking highly with search engines. Because of that, they tend to get a high volume of inquiries and subsequently bookings to fill up their calendars.

The risk with cheaper photographers is that they will probably not be not as experienced, not as consistent and perhaps lacking proper insurances and full equipment backups.

How much should I spend on a wedding photographer?

The general rule of thumb is 10-20% of the total wedding budget but that also depends how much you value having absolutely best photos from your special day.

Couples who want to get great photos (like us for example) may be willing to spend more than average.

I know that the photos will be one of the few tangible things left over after probably the most important day of our lives, so we’d rather try to save money somewhere else.

We will be getting a photographer who we not only like and will have a pleasure to have around, but also the one who will document our day in a beautiful and emotional way. We want to look our best and we want for our family and closest friends to look great too!

It will be something most important, those moments frozen in time that we will share with our kids and hopefully grandkids after the day becomes a distant memory. 

So the most important indicator would not be the price but the quality, the consistency of the photos and the connection with the person taking them, someone we will enjoy to have around.

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What to look for when choosing a wedding photographer?

Their style, the way they take pictures, the moments they capture, how much they love their work and the way they edit the shots.

Just as important is their personality. You want someone who will help you have a fantastic day.

See if you can find reviews about them from their past weddings and read what other couples had to say about them.

I think when you find the perfect photographer for you, the money becomes less of an issue because the memories they will capture will be priceless.

So how do I find a good value for money wedding photographer that will be right for me?

Find a shooting and editing style you like.

Make sure they are consistent and their style will work with the possible lighting conditions at your venue.

Have a chat. A video call is a great option as it saves time and can be done quickly and efficiently from the comfort of your own home.

Double check if they have the necessary insurances as well as full equipment backups.

And then, if they are within your budget, book them as early as possible. The good ones get booked up fast.

If you want more practical wedding tips, check this great post that will help you Get the Most out of Your Wedding Photos or this one about simple and Practical Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring.

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If you are looking for an experienced and consistent wedding photographer at a right price feel free to check my latest work. And if you like the Blue Lily Weddings style just drop me a line. I'd love to chat about your day!

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Wedding Photographer Bath

Bath Wedding Photography

Last summer I had an enormous pleasure to be a Bath wedding photographer for a couple who came all the way from Hong Kong. Noelle and Kevin-two amazing people... or more like two kids in love. They got in touch with me a few months before, asking if we could do a couple shoot in Bath and Castle Combe. There could really only be one answer: yes please, let's do it! The scenery that the couple chose was simply breathtaking! It had just the right amount of beautiful architecture and nature mixed into it. What they asked for was a mixture of romantic and relaxed photos, which I think you could agree with me, they received at the end!

We started our shoot in a picturesque hotel in Bath with some great outdoor features like gardens and pagodas. Bath is such a great city to photograph, with sandstone coloured buildings, Roman baths and river Avon flowing through it. Just a great backdrop for anyone thinking of doing wedding photography there.

Castle Combe Wedding Photographer

The next step in our journey was Castle Combe. The tiny village (literally one street!) is an embodiment of a fairy tale medieval place. It has gorgeous and quirky architecture as well as beautiful gardens and rolling hills in the background. The place itself seems like out of this world. It is a quintessentially English village named as the ‘prettiest village in England.' It sits in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north-west Wiltshire. There is a stream going through the village at the bottom of it with a cute bridge going over it. Most of the area is private and we had to be very respectful and ask for the permission of the local folks to continue shooting along the stream. It has been definitely so so worth it!

At the last part of our little adventure, we went back to Bath. There Noelle changed into her 60's inspired black dress with a gorgeous facepiece. We managed to snap some intimate photos in the golden hour of the sunset light. And all that with stunning architecture of Bath in the background.

Noelle and Kevin were just a perfect couple for the day, easy going and fun to be around. Thank you so much guys! x

If you like this post and are looking for a wedding photographer to cover your Bath wedding (or beyond) please let me know. I would be great to get to know you and see if I could be a part of it!