DIY Marquee Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire 1

DIY Marquee Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire

Wow! Where do I even start with this one? Helen and Tosh contacted me some time ago asking if I am available to document their DIY marquee wedding. From the description of their big day, I knew I have to be a part of it as their wedding photographer Buckinghamshire.

Best friends and soulmates for a long time, the happy couple finally decided to tie the knot and become Mr and Mrs. The location was Denham, which is just outside of London. It’s a beautiful country village, where Tosh’s family comes from and his great-grandfather designed many of the buildings. That also applied to their family home. It is a real gem tucked away in one of the village's cul de sacs, where most of their DIY marquee wedding took place.


After getting ready with mum and the girls, Helen drove to the ceremony herself in a family car. It took place in a lovely local church, after which we snapped a few couple shots in a nearby park. When done, we were off to the family home and gardens again for the rest of the day.

Pretty much everything around was a DIY wedding project. Starting with flowers, forest fruit cake, fairy lights, table decorations and little details like hundreds of dreamcatchers, which were all handmade by Helen's mum (!).

Just on the side, a shed was converted into a bar with kegs of beer and bottles of stronger liquids. Different garden games kept everyone entertained until late in the evening. At the end, beer pong proved the most popular amongst grown-ups and Jenga was the biggest hit with kids.

What was really special about this DIY  marquee wedding, was that despite the wet weather the feeling of warmth, closeness and the connection were omnipresent. In both families, there were strong ties which created a special atmosphere on the day.

It was so much fun and inspiration. Thank you, Helen and Tosh, for letting me be your wedding photographer Buckinghamshire and document this very special day, x.






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Pre Wedding Photography London 2

Pre Wedding Photography London

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Joyce and Andy’s pre wedding photography in London was was simply a stroll in a park and around some of the most iconic London landmarks.
The couple contacted me some time ago saying that they are flying from Singapore specifically for this shoot. As always, I was very happy to go ahead.

I just love shooting in and around London.
The environment is so versatile that it is just endless playground for some creative photography ideas.

The couple was simply a delight to work with. They were so friendly and looking great! That was in big part thanks to Magda, who was our super talented makeup artist. She also doubled up as an awesome assistant and such a great personality (thank you so much, Magda!!). For our pre-wedding photography London we met at the hotel just by Hyde Park. That's where the couple was staying, and also getting ready with big smiles on their faces.

London Landmarks Engagement Photography

After a few minutes, we ventured off to get some shots around greenery of the park. Then we jump into a black cab (a must do for pre-wedding photography London) and zoomed past the Buckingham Palace. We also passed Green and St James's Parks, all the way to the Houses of Parliament. And of course, the Big Ben.

London is so busy at this time of year but we managed to get some awesome shots (some even looking like it’s empty!) and the late afternoon light was just great. As a central London engagement photographer, I really couldn’t have asked for anything more. We finished off by St Paul’s, where the highlight of the day was Andy getting on his knee and popping the question. Of course, there could only be one answer!
Pre wedding shoot is a great way to relax in front of the camera and practice some natural poses to make sure you will look your best on your wedding day. It's always fun, relaxed and creative. Please get in touch for a chat if you are thinking of booking one!


Tudor Barn Burnham Wedding 3

Tudor Barn Burnham Wedding

Tania and Erik’s wedding at the Tudor Barn Burnham was an example of what a beautiful wedding should be. Stunning bride, handsome groom and a good number of family and friends to celebrate this special occasion within a beautiful setting.

So many people from different parts of the world arrived to celebrate this amazing wedding in Buckinghamshire. It was filled with so much emotion. The day went by so quickly that by the time I knew it we were saying thank you and I was on my way home (with a big smile on my face :).


There were a few things that made this day so special. Firstly the couple themselves. They have been best friends for 17 years now. And finally tying the knot with so much history between them, their families and friends, so much love!

The speeches were just perfect with Erik’s one I think topping most I have seen so far. So much laughter and tears, what more can a wedding photographer Buckinghamshire ask for!

This was also a great example of a DIY wedding with Tania in charge of most of the decorations. Especially beautiful were the centrepieces on the tables. Each was nicely presented with personal meaning and so much attention to detail, from old games console to artefacts from their favourite movies.

The first dance was a classy waltz with an addition of some very impressive acrobatic manoeuvres.

Thank you so much guys for letting me document this amazing day. Photographing it and getting to know you has been a real honour and so much fun! x


Wedding Photographer Hampshire- Skylark Club 4

Wedding Photographer Hampshire- Skylark Club

Charlotte and Daniel’s wedding at the Skylark Golf and Country Club was a great one. As their wedding photographer Hampshire I enjoyed every minute of it.

As usual, we started with a few shots of the girls and the guys getting ready in a nearby hotel. Daniel and boys looked great in their grey tailored suits. A nice touch was that they all received beautiful leather strap watches as gifts from the bride which were quickly checked and synchronised to make sure things will run on time. Which they (pretty much) did for the rest of the day!

Charlotte and her bridesmaids were getting ready in a nearby room, touching up in cool kimonos. So a bit of make-up, few drops of bubbly, dresses on (the bride looked absolutely stunning in hers) and off we were to the Skylark Club, our main venue for the day.

Skylark Club Wedding

The weather was mostly on our side. Occasionally strong winds were blowing the hair all over the place, which resulted in some great photographs. As a wedding photographer Hampshire, I simply love windy weddings, so much more movement in the shots!

The ceremony took place in a nearby barn and then the celebrations continued at the Skylark Club itself. This wedding was especially emotional, with some serious laughter and tears, especially through the speeches.

Couple shoot was also a fun one. Using a golf cart to move from place to place (Daniel absolutely loved it :) and dodging golf balls over our heads didn’t stop the couple from looking absolutely gorgeous. We even found some magical light while strolling through nearby path in the woods.

The day finished with the usual cake cutting, first dance and a great atmosphere on the dancefloor!

Thank you so much guys! x

swallows nest barn wedding

Swallows Nest Barn - Wedding Photographer Warwickshire

Joanne and Tom’s wedding at Swallows Nest Barn venue was simply stunning from start to finish. As a Warwickshire wedding photographer, I couldn’t have asked for much more.

The venue was beautifully situated in the middle of Warwickshire countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, meadows, streams and sunflower fields. This amazing scenery helped to create some beautiful backdrops for all the candid portraits during the couple shoot.

Beautiful Warwickshire Barn Wedding

All the day was simply about what great wedding should be: a celebration of a deep connection between two people very much in love. That combined with all the emotions and support form families and friends really shone through the photos. All those things combined with a good dose of laughter, tears and crazy dancefloor moves made the day truly complete.

A big respect to Joanne for taking the chance and balancing gracefully on top of the fallen tree over dangerous rapids during our little session. And to Tom for not letting her fall!

We even managed to sneak out for a few shots before the sunset, those few fleeting minutes when the sun poked through the clouds creating magical light.

Thank you guys for letting me document your special day. I loved every minute of it! x